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Hey there, TTAG fans! You may have noticed a bit of a prolonged absence over the last spring and summer. With everything happening in the world right now, from the Coronavirus Pandemic, to Racial Justice issues in the US, not to mention about a million other things that have been weighing on all our minds, we felt it was best to take a sobatical, in hopes of leaving the airwaves clearer for more important voices. For that reason, we have taken a six-month break from posting here, and making new podcast episodes.

Truth be told, I breifly considered making this a permanent transition. Maybe you can sympathize, but I couldn't help feeling, at times, like these little stories didn't mean as much as I wanted them to, like there was something more pressing that needed to be said. I'm still searching for exactly what that may be.

I'm lucky enough, though, to have people in my life who know better! I'm excited to re-open the doors of TTAG. Maybe you know exactly how to use your voice, and what you want to say; maybe you know where your impact will be greatest. Nevertheless, I'm aware that many of us are still in the process of looking for our voice, our place.

Maybe this digital community can be your training ground, the place where you sharpen and smooth out your own voice. Maybe it's an escape, a few precious minutes to take a respite from the turbulence of our lives and have a fantasy snack.

Whatever your reason for being here, I'm glad you're here. TTAG--and the World--wouldn't be the same without you.


While TTAG may have been on Summer Break, I'm sure that many of you (our collaborators, creators, and artists) have continued to do what you do best. As usual, we're going to need your help to keep new, original content coming to the website. 

With all that being said, I'm also proud to introduce my own new project, The Walking Tree

I've been working on this novel for most of the summer, and am very excited to share (at least some of) it with you. Keep reading for a brief synopsis of the story--or skip the synopsis and click the link below to go straight to Chapter 1! 

Please subscribe for email updates if you want to keep up with The Walking Tree, or other TTAG content--and if you like what you read, leave a comment! I know that all of our contributors would love to hear your thoughts on their hard work. 

The Walking Tree


Fourteen-year-old Noah Marten has always felt things too deeply. She is easily nauseated, often dizzy, and prone to unexpected bouts of tears. While her family’s move to the country is just what her mother’s health demands, Noah can’t help but feel like she is living in a stranger’s shoes. She misses the way things were when her favorite restaurant was three blocks away, and her mother was quick to laugh. But more than that, she wonders what this new life will be like. 

On her third night in the strange house, Noah cries herself to sleep. And that’s when she hears the song. The largest tree in the forest is singing to her in a voice that she cannot resist. It soaks up her sadness and turns it into music, filling her head with visions of ancient days. And then, it tells her to CLIMB! Among its high branches, Noah is shown pieces of a world far wilder than the one she has known—a world where trees not only walk, but run, and where demons lurk in the darkness beneath the earth. 

With the help of Gideon, the groundskeeper’s son, Noah is determined to protect the tree at any cost. But when the Blight, a creature of shadow, escapes from its cage and returns to finish what it started long ago, Noah and Gideon realize that they have entered into a fight much older and wilder than they bargained for. 

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