Untitled By Catherine Turk Will I ever be ready To say goodbyeTo another year goneAnd another year older,Will I ever be readyTo let go of the old Say farewell to the familiarAnd embrace the new?I have always been softAlways been scared Of change and growthAnd what comes with it,So is it too much to askFor just one more dayJust one more sunsetBefore I let go?My most prized possessionCost 25 centsIt’s a wooden turtle My dad got me years ago,And my favorite things Are all attached To those sweet memories That whisper from the past. No I’m not readyTo say goodbye To this fond year And look forward to the next,But … Read More

Real Magic

A poem for Christmas by Cam Asher Bond What’s there to do under a cold dark moon?Once more my stars are all gone too soon. Damnit I thought, maybe winter never ends. It always has, but will this break the trend? Kick on down the road, all drunken and swagger’d. Calling for love, but then love never answered. With frost on my face, and a whiskey-laced tongue. I’m going nowhere, because that’s where I’m from. I can’t feel a thing now, it’s too crackling cold. Both my skin and my bones, I fear have grown old. No family, no friends, … Read More

Hungry Nurses

Hungry NursesAaron Tolopilo “It’s a nurse eat nurse world out there” said shaky Doctor Green, “And you’d drink and smoke as much as me if you’d seen just what I’ve seen. “It was in the hall just yesterday, such a gritty, gory sight, it was the messy residue of a hungry nurse-fight. “And then last week, Lola Bean, the nurse from pediatrics, was making a grizzly midday snack out of the new phlebotomist Patrick. “I know you don’t believe me But they gnaw you down to the bone. I tried to call the police ten times but those nurses broke … Read More

We’re Doing Just Fine

We’re Doing Just FineJD Miller “Save money for Europe!” has become  “Get the car fixed.”  And “Make new friends <3” has become  “A new friend.”  As for “practicing patience with each other,”  We’re doing pretty well with that, And we have had quite a few date nights,  Where we’ve talked about growing old,  Or about how we still haven’t “found our church,”  If a sense of ownership really is All it’s cracked up to be.  We spent money we should’ve saved on sushi To celebrate having done such a great job saving, And we have adopted quite a few plants.  … Read More

Winter Beat

Winter BeatCam-Asher Bond Let us be chilled by the beating of winter, And our fingertips grow numb to the touch, Let us breathe smoke and speak the tongues of love, And let the drop of rare whiskey warm us now, Our hearts aflame with some whispered shout, Let the wind pick fresh snow from the mountaintop, To be sprinkled over lilac skies at the day’s end, Let us now, wrapped together in wool. Fell the fire on our faces, In the valley below, torn by the frost laden brook, Let the stars dance and the vexing wolves bay, through the … Read More

The Gay Cliché

The Gay Cliche KR Szyszka This is the gay cliche— You’re born in a small farming town, A pretty little Christian girl from a pretty little Christian family. Before you were even old enough to comprehend, people would tell you how You were destined to grow up and marry a handsome little Christian boy, Have pretty little Christian babies of your own. But then one day, you wake up, And you realize that you don’t want to grow up and marry A handsome little Christian boy. Really, all you want to do is listen to pop music and hold hands … Read More


ClichéCatherine Turk I live my lifeIn fear of being “cliché.”I live my lifeDressing different, Talking different, To avoid the tragic labelOf being “Like something, but not reallyIn a good way.” Unfortunately then,My creative processOften falls under the harsh scrutinyOf my analytical mind, My calculating brain, Checking, gauging, reevaluating, Does this flower pass the test Of being unlike any flower ever drawn? Or is it too much like the flower I found on Pinterest (To use as reference, you see)And therefore,Is it really my flower? The Romans didn’t care about that, When they took the Greek Gods And gave them different … Read More

When I Blink

When I BlinkBelize, Gracelyn Abel The quiet dulls the colors Of a world freshly rich and newBeing alone, with clarity to feelI think of you I wonder what you’d seeIf you existed in the same spaceWould the river be the same greenHow would you see this place If I close my eyes, I’m homeThe foreign buzz, part of a dreamWhispers of palm leaves sound Like your voice speaking to me.  Replacing the heat of the sunIs the heat of the blush on my cheekWhen I’m reminded of the many timesYour kiss is mistaken for the breeze It takes some convincingFor the leaf … Read More


SeabreezeCam-Asher Bond And in the sun Our kids’ soft skin might burn And your lawless Curls might blow By the salty Seabreeze Foto perfecta familia In the Summer sand Though I look on To see with Despair You were never really There

Dinner Guests

Dinner GuestsJD Miller There are two pairs of ducks  On the pond tonight  Instead of the usual one And I’d like to think  They are on a double date  And I would like also to think  That it is going pretty well And at no point have they Run out of things to talk about  Or has the conversation hit a snag  (Even though one of the hens  Has a sort of nasally quack And one of the drakes could’ve put  A bit more effort into preening) And I hope that there will be  No appearances made by the muskrat  … Read More