The Walking Tree: Chapters 7-9

7. The Buried Knife  When Noah went into the woods again, she went the opposite direction of the giant tree. The golden sun, where it came crashing through the clouds, made everything it touched too bright to look at, especially the glossy white pages of Noah’s book. She had to retreat regularly to the shade of the nearest tree, just to make out the words, but by the time she did the pages were already seared into her eyelids, a bright blue negative.  She was doing her level best to read Great & Small, determined to learn the names of … Read More

The Walking Tree: Chapters 4-6

4. The Head of Sampson Noah went back to the house shivering with a now-cold sweat. She climbed the stairs straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower, then waited as the pipes popped and groaned to life. She closed her eyes beneath the steaming spray and tried to convince herself that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. She worked the shampoo into a nervous lather, as though she could massage the memory right out of her head. She knew that the things she had seen and felt were ridiculous. But the problem was that their being ridiculous … Read More

TTAG’s 1st Writing Challenge!

I’d like to begin by saying Happy Halloween! I hope all of your Jack O’Lanterns are shining bright, your Tricks are Treating, and remember to thank a Scary Spooky Skeleton for keeping you upright. Tomorrow is the first day of November, a month that has often been dedicated to writing, via organizations like NaNoWriMo, and if you’re participating in that particular challenge, good for you! We are right here cheering you on and can’t wait to see what you come up with! However, if the idea of squeezing out a whole novel in the course of thirty short days seems … Read More

Fox & Tiger Present: Portal Runners, the Official Music Video

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of working alongside some friends of mine to film a music video for their new song, Portal Runners. The song and video were both a long time in the works, but are finally here for the viewing! This is the first time we’ve featured any kind of musical guest on TTAG (though I hope sincerely it’s not the last!) as well as our first experiment in visual media. And I’m really glad it’s these guys. If you don’t know them, Fox & Tiger is an indie hiphop duo based out of Portland, … Read More