From the Hill Over the Sea

From the Hill Over the Sea By JD Miller In the cottage at the top of the hill, the dew was still glistening on the lawn. Nobody had been by to call in three days, but the flowers in the crystal vase remained as immaculate as if they’d been clipped only moments ago. At the bottom of the hill, where the sea sprawled beneath the gray sky, a ship was passing by, small and faded red.  From the cottage at the top, the woman watches, smiles, waves, as though the men on the ship know just where to point their … Read More

Crane Over Water

Crane Over Water By JD Miller Crane, over the water:  I see the reflection of you Distorted in the mirror  And the fog,    The curve of your long body,    Bending like the moon   To touch the earth–   A single petal from    A single bloom–   Your wings spread out for balance    And one foot    Raised up, so you can   Shave your soapy legs.