From the Hill Over the Sea

From the Hill Over the Sea By JD Miller In the cottage at the top of the hill, the dew was still glistening on the lawn. Nobody had been by to call in three days, but the flowers in the crystal vase remained as immaculate as if they’d been clipped only moments ago. At the bottom of the hill, where the sea sprawled beneath the gray sky, a ship was passing by, small and faded red.  From the cottage at the top, the woman watches, smiles, waves, as though the men on the ship know just where to point their … Read More

One Perfect Chord

One Perfect Chord By JD Miller One perfect chord  Kept drifting in through the walls  Of our brand new apartment,  One piece of what my wife, With her feet up in my lap Tells me is a very famous song.  One perfect chord, And a bunch of other very good ones, They kept on marching in, From who knew where,  An invisible piano, an invisible pianist,  Faceless, nameless, genderless (Though I imagine a woman, her face  Barred by light from the mini blinds,  A practicing bird inside a bright cage,  Of 500 square feet) It was as if the morning … Read More