A Seagull in an Evergreen Tree

A Seagull in an Evergreen Tree
By Grace Melelani

Isn’t it odd to notice a seagull

Perched in an evergreen tree

The tree, it seems should be high on a mountain

And yet, there it stands by the sea

The bird doesn’t care as it wings through the air

On feathers all white and gray

Whether or not this particular tree 

Belongs here, for here it shall stay

Imagine a moment, if things were turned round

And the bird were the one out of place 

Surrounded by winter, up high on a mountain

How tragic if that were the case

It doesn’t seem right that a bird with its flight 

Has its wings and yet isn’t free

While the evergreen, rooted and fixed to the ground 

Can choose either mountain or sea

Returning from two years living in Asia, Grace Melelani, a carpenter, artist, and tireless nerd, makes her first appearance on TTAG! Motivated to achieve new goals, Grace is new to the poetry scene, but killing it. To quote, “my life’s work is to fill countless journals with half-finished drawings and crap poems.” Check out her Instagram here!