Desert Note

Desert Note
Mojave Desert, by Cam-Asher Bond

 Oh how wrapped with love am I,
Oh how gifted am I,
     to be so wrapped with love,
  Love, oh love,
       Love for dusk – light,
That shimmers on rose-petal-pink lips,
     Oh the love,
   Of every soft, smooth, and supple edge,
        Oh the love,
Of sweet love’s sweet breath,
     Oh sweet love

    Who’s absolutes I’ve known, and loved,
         Oh honey suckle,
Sweet as lilac wine,
     Twice as intoxicating,
   Oh lovely falls,
        Falls of contrast and of waves,
Oh porcelain skin,
     Perfect, and once poured to me like honey,
    Oh Love,
       The heavenly love which pulled love from me,
Oh the song,
     The soft and subtle voice,
   lulling my restless heart forever,
         Oh the taste,
Of every seductive encounter,
And every romantic embrace,

And oh the love,
       The fire,
              Gone cold in the desert