Hungry Nurses

Hungry Nurses
Aaron Tolopilo

“It’s a nurse eat nurse world out there”

said shaky Doctor Green,

“And you’d drink and smoke as much as me

if you’d seen just what I’ve seen.

“It was in the hall just yesterday,

such a gritty, gory sight,

it was the messy residue

of a hungry nurse-fight.

“And then last week, Lola Bean,

the nurse from pediatrics,

was making a grizzly midday snack

out of the new phlebotomist Patrick.

“I know you don’t believe me

But they gnaw you down to the bone.

I tried to call the police ten times

but those nurses broke my phone!

“I rarely leave my office these days

I’ve boobytrapped the door

I always hear that pitter-pat

of their sneakers on the floor.

“So if you see a hungry nurse

just steer clear out of their way

And meanwhile I’ll think up a plan

to break us out one day.”