A Poem by Cameron-Asher Bond, 2016

Your hair through my fingers,

With all the heart-rending beauty,

And soft contrasted light,

Of dusk and delicate dawn,

My gaze,

Your gaze,

In rapturous pull,

With all the energy,

And gravity,

Of ten thousand stars, 

And the

Immense inter-workings 

That span

Something like forever,


I think of Laniakea,

Immeasurable Heaven,

All the weight and implication,

And vastness felt in some room

In a Montana winter,

Every subtle curve and gentle edge,

The greatest wandering of my life,


Silence, ‘cause no word will ever be enough,

Silence, ‘cause we wouldn’t say it anyway,

Shadows cast long,

In red morning light,

In a room that becomes empty,

In a world that becomes empty,

Leaving only you,

And me

Me being only a reflection of the

Lost and roaming heart, and eyes of me,

Rendered only in whole by you

(Photography by Cameron-Asher Bond)