My View Was Best

My View Was Best
Catherine Turk

My view was definitely best this morning.

From the train I saw the slightest shade of pink

Against tree silhouettes and graying skies

As the pink gave way to orange, 

A river soon made its presence known

Winding by the side of the train, 

Two moving blades of grass cutting through the mountains

Side by side, curving together. 

And then the sun broke through the top peaks and mist rose from the meadow

Creating golden haze on the green field

And in my lap, your golden head on me, 

And I thought

You, peacefully sleeping, is the best thing to look at.

Catherine Turk is a passionate and brilliant artist, poet, plant-rescuer, dreamer, and friend, with a hear for people and an eye for beauty. She lives in Portland, OR with her very lucky husband and very spoiled cat.
Photo by Catherine Turk–Check out her Instagram here!