By Catherine Turk

Will I ever be ready 
To say goodbye
To another year gone
And another year older,
Will I ever be ready
To let go of the old 
Say farewell to the familiar
And embrace the new?
I have always been soft
Always been scared 
Of change and growth
And what comes with it,
So is it too much to ask
For just one more day
Just one more sunset
Before I let go?
My most prized possession
Cost 25 cents
It’s a wooden turtle 
My dad got me years ago,
And my favorite things 
Are all attached 
To those sweet memories 
That whisper from the past. 
No I’m not ready
To say goodbye 
To this fond year 
And look forward to the next,
But I have the hope 
That this time next year
I’ll have new reasons
To feel the same way.

Catherine Turk is a passionate and brilliant artist, poet, plant-rescuer, dreamer, and friend, with a heart for people and an eye for beauty. She lives in Portland, OR with her very lucky husband and very spoiled cat.
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