The Robot From Space

The Robot From Space
Aaron Tolopilo

The Robot from space,
Killer Ron,
Prophesied doom
Like a jumbotron 

Big Building City
Went BOOM! like a bomb
It was the landing zone
For Killer Ron

He came to earth
From space up above
Because of our hate
And lack of love

“You have no love!”
Cried Killer Ron,
“If you do not change
You will be gone!

“You are a blight in space
Where the Space Gods swim
Because you act
On your every whim!”

We did not heed
The Robot From Space
We just stared blankly
At his t.v. face

So the Space Gods screamed
And wriggled and writhed
And Ron he left
Not a soul alive

So love a lot
And do not do wrong
For fear of the Space Gods
And Killer Ron