To Be Uprooted

To be Uprooted
By Catherine Turk

To be uprooted -To feel the pull of the tendrils 

As the tree lifts itself from its home

To feel the soil cling and then fall away

As the roots are exposed to the sunlight

To feel the nerves 



At the touch of air 

To find feeling – movement

As the tree reaches for its new home

(Yet still feel the pieces it leaves behind)

To be grasped by the familiar

As it begs the tree to stay 

To be so close to moving and yet want to 


Just stay

A little longer 

Before the last little root slips away

Catherine Turk is a passionate and brilliant artist, poet, plant-rescuer, dreamer, and friend, with a hear for people and an eye for beauty. She lives in Portland, OR with her very lucky husband and very spoiled cat.
Photo by Catherine Turk–Check out her Instagram here!